[ToS – Build] Wizard Kino Build 1 – Dream Eater

I have 2 Wizard builds (discounting the AlcheyEnchanter potion/scroll maker which I leave in town), both of which are Psychokinos. The protagonist of this post today is the Dream Eater variant, Wizard c2 | Cryomancer c2 | Psychokino c3 | Sage c2

Skill list and link: Here
Primary Stat focus: INT
Secondary Stat focus: SPR
Build classification: Crowd Control (CC)

How does this build come about?

When I first started building this wizard after completing my other Psychokino build the intention is to focus on the other aspect of Kino which isn’t present much in that build, Crowd Control (CC). Hence crowd control should be a main focus of the build, rather than just a ‘side dish’ that comes along with the build as an afterthought.

Most CC focused builds don’t really weave the Crowd Control spells in as part of their damage repertoire. The spells are kept separate and are only used when they are needed to keep the enemies at bay.

I want a Crowd Control build that actively uses CC spells as part of the package to deal damage.

This is when I see Sleep: Dream Eater,  an attribute which grants CC Sleep bonus damage for next non-property/psychokinesis element damage hit(s).  Since it needs psychokinesis damage,  Kino is a shoe in. Kino is also known for its numerous CC spells and is a natural fit thematically.

Next is to find a spell that is able to capitalise the bonus damage bonus granted by Dream Eater, preferably one with a huge skill modifier that hits  1-2 times only.  Enter Sage’s Micro Dimension.  Cryomancer forms the last part of the puzzle, with its excellent CC capabilities and the class’s newly revamped damage.

A variant of the classic Cryo|Kino|Sage? Is losing Cryo3 worth getting Dream Eater?

Well, this is a build which main focus is Dream Eater, hence Wizard c2 is a must and something else needs to go. Cryomancer’s Frost Pillar at c3 isn’t good enough to warrant the extra circle imo. Additional 10secs of Ice Wall also wouldn’t be utilised fully without the upcoming Onmyoji class to extend Psychic Pressure’s vertical range.

Having Wizard 2 in the build, besides Sleep: Dream Eater also provides Surespell. This is really good as we can charge up Snow Rolling and Dimension Compression while getting hit without any worries.

Wizard c2 also grants a new attribute to the spell Lethargy, which grants a bonus of 15% damage to all tile-based (spell circles) spells. This is a good support skill to have should the party has AOE spellcasters like Elementalists. In this build, it works nicely with Heavy Gravity and Ultimate Dimension.

What is the signature combo/synergy for the build?

I love builds which involve all the classes they took in that 1 combo. For this build, it takes Psychokino’s Magnetic Force, Cryomancer’s Ice Pike, Wizard’s Sleep and finally Sage’s Micro Dimension to deal massive damage.

Below is a video detailing how each segment of Crowd Control spell contributes to increasing the damage of the final attack. The sequence of spells is the same order as what is written above.

While the above combo is on cooldown, the build has a secondary skill rotation which goes like:

Ice Pike -> Heavy Gravity -> (Dimension Compression if needed) -> Lethargy -> Ultimate Dimension -> Gravity Pole/Snow Rolling.

Gearing and Stats, what to look out for?

The main focus is like any other magic dps, focus on getting a high magic attack power. Having gear which gives SPR stat is really great too since Sage’s skills eat up a lot of SP when attributed.

In terms of cards 3x Hydra cards is a must, as they are the ones which make Cryomancer synergistic in the build.  Please get them first before any other cards. There are no prerequisites for other cards. Do not get purple cards that induce status effects such as Bleed and Poison, they might interfere with the Sleep combo if they are triggered by Magnetic Force’s/Ice Pike’s hit.

The build can be fitted to build for the upcoming guild territorial wars too since it is crowd control focused. In this case, it will be good to place some points in Swap and Teleport, we have 14 points left over in Psychokino to cater for this.



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