[TOS – Build] Wizard Kino Build 2, my take on Auto Attacking Wizard

I’ve always liked playing AA wizards in ToS, my very first wizard was the LinkerThau Toy hammer dagger wiz. It was really strong and fun to play, but short-lived as IMC nerfed Toy Hammer and subsequently linker’s additional hits.

Auto attacking in Tree of Savior, especially for ranged auto attacks, have a limitation. That is ranged auto attacks can only hit 1 monster at a time, unlike their counterparts. Some skills are created to circumvent this, like Schwarzer Reiter’s Limacon from the Archer tree that grants a spread attribute to pistol auto attacks.

Wizards traditionally have to use another class like Linker to spread Auto attacks, but in R9 IMC introduced a new skill for Enchanters, Lightning Hands. Lightning Hands is a buff that allows auto attacks to splash their damage to other monsters when they are really close. This changes Auto attack builds for wizards, but it also comes with its own flaw too.

>> Monsters don’t automatically huddle themselves together tightly for Lightning Hands to maximise its splash usage.

Hence, this is how this build is conceived, in an attempt to get efficient AA while solving their weaknesses.

Build: Wizard 1 > Cryomancer 1 > Psychokino 3 > Sorcerer 2 > Enchanter 2

Skill list and link: Here
Primary Stat focus: SPR
Secondary Stat focus: DEX
Build classification: General PvE, Auto Attack, Support via Crowdcontrol

What does this build work

In order for AA builds to be efficient, it needs to be able to deliver its damage payload to as many monsters per attack as possible. Unlike AA clerics that have Inquisitor to help spread auto attack damage as an AOE, wizards will have to use spells to bring monsters closer together. Linker, Psychokino and the recently released Onmyoji do this job well. But as we are still in R9 stage, Onmyoji is out since Enchanter takes up Rank 8 and 9.

Lightning hands depend on AOE attack ratio to spread the damage, thus it is a good stat to look out for. Sorcerer’s Cat buff provides a +5 AOE ratio. It also provides a summon that can help attack while we are auto attacking the monsters for extra damage.

Of the 2 classes Linker and Psychokino, the latter fits the build much better as it has skills that synergises well with Sorcerer. Raise can be used to control the monsters to better position Summons to offload their slow to startup skills. Kino can also get in extra damage via summons while channelling Gravity Pole.

Being able to reposition and cast slow attacks is a main feature of KinoSorc.

Cryomancer is chosen over Pyromancer primarily for the ability to freeze monsters. Freezing monsters after Kino’s Magnetic Force allows the wizard and his/her summons to focus their attacks on the monsters easier and faster.

Doing the MagForce + PIke combo near summon allows the summon to auto attack together with the player.

Being a CryoKino, means the IceWall PP combo is available too. However it is a whole lot weaker due to having only 1 circle of Cryomancer. But it is a good way to get some damage in while the Summon helps “tank” the monster(s).

What to acquire for the build

The main purchase needed for the build is 1 copy of Frosterlord Card for summoning. Frosterlord is a good summon to use as it has 2 good damage AOEs and an auto attack that deals good damage to multiple enemies. 3 copies of Hydra cards are great to have too for extra 30% damage on frozen monsters.

Stats wise the primary focus is SPR, which increases the damage of Summons and Enchant Lightning’s bonus lightning-elemental attack.

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