[TOS – Concept Build] Making a Nak Retiarius

Was supposed to write this a week ago, but the Nak Muay class change quest took a whole lot longer than what I expected. I am starting to hate Strawberry Cupcake. This build also went through a lot of iterations for the initial 7-8 class circles, mainly tested over on kTest. There are a number of things which I can’t really test due to the ping/latency of my connection to kTest, but luckily they work out the way I envision them to be.

I so want corsair in the build, the costume is so cute but yet sadly the class can’t fit in.

Skill list and link: Here
Primary Stat focus: STR
Secondary Stat focus: DEX
Build classification: Phototaking & General PvE

What the **** is this Rainbow build?

A guildmate of mine said, “Neko don’t really like meta builds.”

This is somewhat true to an extent, as the more popular a build is, the less likely I’m speccing into that build. But this doesn’t mean that I’ll just simply throw any class in a build and call it a day, I do at least conduct some amount of research and ask around for advice from the Swordsman pros before deciding on what to add in for the class. Many thanks to Queue, StrayPandas, 4lk, Teksu, Taiki, Leafdew, ChainofMemories and others for your inputs on what works and what doesn’t. Having access to kTest also makes testing easier as I can try out some concepts first before embarking on making the real one on Telsiai. With testing I come to know that:

  • Double Weapon Assault doesn’t work with Nak Muay’s Stance. Dagger attack (C button) is just another 2 punches. (Still sad about not having corsair zzz)
  •  Nak Muay can still block using a shield using the C button while in Nak Muay Stance

So how does this build come about? Well, the primary goal which I want to achieve for the build is to have one that has all the cute class costumes; and with it, be able to capture dynamic screenshots using the Zoomy Plus addon. I spend a lot of time taking screenshots in game and really appreciate the beautiful animations the game has. Tree of Savior is one of the games where there are so many beautiful character animations compared to other MMOs. How many MMOs have the same attack animation for different spells, cast heal 1 animation, cast firebolt same animation, cast ice bolt same animation.

Really love the different type of animations I can do and potential screenshots I can take with this build.

Hence, with this primary goal, having a build that can encompass as many classes as possible without breaking the synergy between them is important. However, to make it really work, there must be a core to work around.

Nak Muay as the center, speed is the key

If one is trying to build a multi-class build, it is important to have one that can hold its own with just 1 circle. Enters Nak Muay, it has good skill damage %, good cooldown times and good skill animations for screenshots. It lacks range though but as it only takes 1 circle, I can cover the weakness with other classes circles.

One of the interesting aspects of the class is how most of its skills are tagged with the attribute [Attack Speed]. This is a rarely seen skill attribute that only a few classes have. Across the entire swordsman tree, only Corsair and Fencer have multiple skills tagged with this, and most of them are in circle 2 and 3. Retiarius has 1 too, Trident Finisher and it is at circle 1.

Since the build is taking Nak Muay as a center and capitalising on the [Attack Speed] the skills come with, the other circles should also build themselves alongside this concept. Swordsman tree offers a plethora of debuffs, from armor breaks, attack type vulnerability and crowd control, but many of them have really short debuff periods. Most armor debuffs last < 5 seconds, and most builds usually can at most do 2-3 hits or 2 skills max during that period.

That’s not the case for [Attack Speed] based skills though. If the build has enough Dex to boost attack speed, theoretically the character should be able to squeeze in enough attacks during that short debuff window. And since the window is so short, there must be something to hold the monsters in place while I spam those skills in succession. Hence the aim of the build is established (besides the true goal of making a rainbow for pictures = =+).

  • Use fast [Attack Speed] skills
  • To have debuffs for the skills
  • To have options to attract and keep monsters in the hit area of such skills as debuff times are often short

Secondary objectives are:

  • Achieve the above with as little circles as possible since I want many different classes in the build
  • Have a different rotation should the primary rotation is on cooldown

Settling the fast attack speed skills first, Retiarius Circle 1 has Trident Finisher, a high damage, super fast attack skill. It comes with a build in combo too with its Net abilities which are great things to have. Pull Net also fits the attract and keep monsters clause. Instant shoe-in for the build.

Next is the debuffs for the build, since we have 2 different types of really fast attacks, pierce (Trident Finisher) and strike (Te Kha & Te Trong). It will be great to go with an armor debuff rather than a focusing on 1 damage type vulnerability. There are 2 classes that offer this in the lower ranks, Barbarian’s Warcry and Peltasta’s Umbo Thrust. Warcry feels better with 10 monster debuff + damage increase but it has problem synergising with the build without a good high-rank class to support it (Since Nak Muay and Reti already took rank 7 and 8).

Peltasta on the other hand, while it needs 3 circles to get Umbo Thrust for a low 3-second debuff, it synergises well with Murmilo, a good 1 circle class with a Headbutt that increases Strike attacks which Nay Muay can benefit from. Peltasta’s costume is cute too :3, although Murmilo’s helm is super ugly zzz.

Ugly yet so cool looking…

Hence, the core is formed. Peltasta C3 | Nak Muay | Murmilo C1 | Retiarius C1, with 2 available circles to play around. It is a shield Retiarius as opposed to the usual Dagger Retiarius.

After building it, this is what it can spam within the short 2.5sec armor debuff window:

3x Trident Finisher, 2x Te Kha, 1x Te Trong with a total of exactly 6000% skill damage (in a variety of hit types) within 2.5 secs. This is discounting the armor debuff, Pull Rete pierce debuff and strike damage debuff and skill damage attributes.

Not bad IMO.

With the core, I also took 2 other classes at circle 1 based on their synergy, usefulness, and cuteness of the costume. :3

– Hoplite c1 primarily for Finestra buff. +3 AoE,+block (good for pelts) and +crit rate is nothing to scoff at.
– Doppel c1 primarily for the synergy of such high damage attacks with Double Pay Earn. Punish is also a good 1 hit finisher when the monsters are knocked back by Te Trong.

Gearing and Stats, what to look out for?

As I’m still level 338, I’ll update this section once I’ve hit 350 and start collecting gear.

Currently, +aoe attack ratio is very important, so I’m currently equipped with 2x Phada and 2x Centarus cards. With those gear and Finstra, I’ll have a total of 12 AOE attack ratio.



3 Replies to “[TOS – Concept Build] Making a Nak Retiarius”

  1. Hey! I’m doing your nak build, loving it yet, but i’m still trying to drop the essences =/
    Some news? Equips and stats, cards or attribute skills?


    1. Hi, thanks for liking the build. Currently, I’m at level 353. Stats wise after getting enough dex to push around spamming 6 attacks in a span of an armor debuff, the rest can go into STR or CON. Amount of STR is dependent on how good the weapon is. Am using a +9 primus raffye spear now without any transcendence.

      Cards wise, getting 2-3 Centaurus is important for the build, +AOE attack ratio is important to hit more monsters. I’m going for the bleeding cards to help in increasing DPS since Nak Muay has a skill that inflicts bleed. This build is very investment heavy for attributes, Murmilo’s attributes for Peltasta cost really a lot, I would say prepare at least a minimum 40-60m silver just for attributes.

  2. Oh, i see.

    I’m aiming 300str, rest dex, thats a good choice?

    I have 20m waiting for weapon, any suggestion?

    It’s better to have bitregina + velnia monkey or rajapearl + prison cutter combo?

    I mean, the poison sticks faster than bleeding, i think it’s better, but i don’t know because i’m not full ranks yet.

    I’m trying to invest on that cards.

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