[ToS – Build] My main cleric build – INTquisitor

Main cleric build is Cleric c2 | Krivis c3 | Miko c1 | Kabbalist c2 | Inquisitor c1.

Skill list and link:  Here
Primary Stat focus: INT
Secondary Stat focus: DEX & STR
Build classification: Hybrid AA / Caster

This isn’t really a meta build, what’s the idea that leads up to making this?

My main character (very 1st char) previously has a similar R8 build of cleric2diev3miko1kabba1inq1. Personally, I really like the interaction between the Miko, Kabbalist, and Inquisitor classes and hence when R9 is released I decided to continue on with the build concept.

Some things have changed, like switching from Dievdirby to Krivis, while other build synergies remain. Primarily, the build is a hybrid auto-attack build with the option to switch to become a caster when auto-attacking isn’t an option. There are many instances that warrant this, for example, like my mitigation options (Heals and Safety Zones) are reserved for emergencies, or when the monster itself requires more of a hit and run playstyle.

How does the build measure up against other Cleric meta AA builds?

When pit against meta Cleric builds which are similar such as:

  • Cleric c1 | Priest c3 | Chaplain c1 | Krivis c3 | Inquisitor c1 (meta AA build)
  • Cleric c2 | Krivis c3 | Sadhu c3 | Inquisitor c1

the KabbaInq build has much weaker auto attacks. Both chaplain and sadhu variants have skills that boost auto attacks whereas KabbaInq only has Krivis’s Daino to rely on for autos.

However, what the build makes up for is the versatility it brings to the fray. Having kabbalist in the build grants more mitigation in the form of boosting HP via Ein Sof and also a 1 hit shield via Revenge Sevenfold. Double chance also enables burst damage when used along with Inquisitor’s high damage God Smash.

Miko also has Hamaya which is a good tool for AOE and also Gohei which helps deal with the pesky invulnerable shields cast by mini-bosses (which are common in Challenge missions).

Support wise it does pale in comparison to the Priest3 variant though as it doesn’t have ways to resurrect party mates. However, it does give Kabbalist and Miko support buffs to the party which the other 2 builds can’t give.

What are the key features of this build? What makes it snap?

The 1st key component of the AA build is the Krivis c3 + Inquisitor c1 synergy. All 3 AA builds will run this, with other classes building around the build. Daino changes the cleric’s auto-attack into magic based, and the C3 Daino attribute adds an additional hit to the attack. Inquisitor’s Breaking Wheel has the ability (attributed) to spread melee attacks as an AOE when the player attacks the wheel.

What sets the KabbaInq AA variant apart from the other 2 is the inclusion of Kabbalist’s Merkabah.

Merkabah has an attribute which grants player and ally attacks while under the Merkabah wheel’s influence (buff) an additional 10% Holy damage in the form of an additional damage line. This is a very much welcomed additional damage since it gets flat damage bonuses from skills and abilities such as Pardoner’s shop Blessing and Elemental Property Damage.

What is more interesting is when combining Merkabah together with the aforementioned Daino + Breaking Wheel combo, the number of hits seemingly doubled. Normally, additional lines of attack such as Sacrament, Enchant Fire and Daino don’t get the additional 10% bonus from Merkabah. But, when Breaking Wheel is added into the picture, such additional lines are interpreted as “separate lines of damage” by Merkabah, which each line triggering the additional 10% damage line.  This makes flat damage values such as Elemental Property damage and Blessing work extra hard.


  • A normal non-AA cleric only gets 1 application of blessing/elemental prop damage per auto attack to a monster via Breaking Wheel;
  • A meta AA cleric (ChaplainKrivis variant) gets 6 applications per auto attack (Normal, Sacrament, Last Rites, Enchant Fire, Daino, Aspergillum splash) via Breaking Wheel
  • KabbaInq AA cleric gets 8 applications per auto attack (Normal, Sacrament, Enchant Fire, Daino  + 4 separate triggers via Merkabah) when used along with Breaking Wheel.

Although the additional 2 hits per auto-attack don’t really make up the difference in damage against Chaplain/Sadhu Inquisitors, Merkabah doesn’t just affect autos and Breaking wheel only. It grants the additional 10% damage line to all sorts of attacks while the player is under its influence/buff.  This includes skills such as Heal bombing, Hamaya, Zaibas and such.

Merkabah’s buff is also extended to party members too.

This is what sets the build apart from the rest.

What kind of combos and synergies are there in the build?

Besides the aforementioned Breaking Wheel + Daino + Merkabah AA synergy, the build has the following:

  • Double Chance + God Smash (Physical type combo)
  • Merkabah + Hamaya/Heal bomb/Zaibas (for multi-hit magical spam)

Cosmetic/Pose wise we get something which the other 2 AA build doesn’t have. Dancing on Merkabah. :3

Gear and stats wise, what to equip and look out for?

Primary stats wise, focus mainly on INT as it gives damage to both caster spells and also Daino auto attacks. Dex comes in second as it affects how fast the cleric can dish out auto-attacks. STR is third if the cleric wants more oomph on his/her God Smash + Double Chance attack. Add some CON too so Ein Sof grants bigger HP buffs with Ein Sof.

Play with 100k+ HP like a tank, but with damage.

SPR isn’t really needed due to Ein Sof being a powerful SP battery.

For gearing wise, as of Rank9, there are 2 pieces (or rather 4 since one is a 3 piece set) of gear that is really great for AA builds. Masinios Mace and the Frieno accessory set.

What we are looking for are “proc abilities”, abilities that trigger off when the player initiates an attack/hit. As the build dishes out a flurry of small hits rather single high damage attacks, it paves a good foundation for many skills to proc.

Proc is a common term used primarily in game programming to refer to an event triggered under particular circumstances. For example, in WoW, a particular weapon (that hits many times) might have a 10% chance on each hit to apply a special effect, such as poison damage.

– WoWWiki

Example of Frieno accessory set proccing (the dark spheres) on an attack.

Cards have such abilities too. For example, a Biteregina card grants a 3% proc chance per card to poison the enemy on every single attack. Do take note that proc chances don’t trigger on additional lines of attack such as Sacrament and Enchant Fire.

Making good use of proc cards and cards that increase abilities when the monster is under an ailment state.

An auto-attack build, in essence is a proc build. Augment abilities to auto attacks is the way to go.




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