[Gomaotsu] Mobage! ゴ魔乙 – Gothic Mahou Otome STG

Started my very first Mobage game for around 2 weeks.  Mobage is the abbreviation of モバイルーム (Mobile Game) where they shorten the katakana of the term into Mo.ba.ge as depicted in bold.

What is ゴ魔乙 or Gothic Mahou Otome?

Gothic Mahou Otome (Gomaotsu in short) is a mobile game shooter created by CAVE. CAVE is a Japanese game company known very much for its bullet hell type shooter games, with known titles such as Espgaluda, DonDonPachi, Mushishihime. In short, if it is an STG made by CAVE we can expect some sort of quality from it.

A video of my gameplay run in recent 3rd year anniversary event stage.

What is so fascinating about this mobile game compared to others?

I’ve played a couple of mobile games in the past, but none got me past even the 1st day. The sole reason for it is most mobile games have this functionality where the game automates the stage fight by themselves. Hence most of the time the player just need to tap a few buttons at some crucial moments or just watch the game play on its own.

Gomaotsu has nothing of such. The player will have to play the entire stage by himself/herself. Everything is based off how skilled the player is.

My score compared to the rest. There is still so much to learn on how to score.

Competitive gaming in here is still gated by Gacha.

Although the core gameplay is still accessible fully for a free player, i.e. most if not all events are accessible and can be cleared without spending a single dime; players will still need to spend real life cash in order to be competitive (achieve top 10-15% percentile) in events and rankings.

This is kind of sad for me who am not really willing to spend so much money on a game. Gacha once in a while is ok, but certainly not at this kind of prices.

What do I mean when I said competitive gaming is still Gacha/Wallet depth based? For example, let us use the 3rd year anniversary event that the game is running currently.

The ranking of the event is based on event points. Event points are awarded when a player clears a stage. In order to clear a stage, the player will have to spend Action Points (AP). AP regenerates over time but players can spend 10 gems to regen it to max instantly. Hence players who have access to gems via the online shop can run the event stages until they drop (grind).

Next is the event points multiplier, there are specific units (familiars in the case of this game) which grant multipliers to the points awarded. For this event such familiars only acquirable via Gacha. Not just one but need multiples of them since each additional familiar will increase the multiplier, which in turn increases the number of points awarded for the event.

A rough estimate of this will be for a free-to-play player is able to acquire 30-40k points for a 1-week event if they diligently play daily. A pay-quite-substantially-to-play player can acquire 300-400k points in just 2 days into the event. That’s the difference.

Hence if one wants to be a top dog in this game, besides being skilled, be prepared to open your wallet. Dual wield credit cards.

Nevertheless, this is a fun game to play casually if you are into bullet hell type of games.

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